Collapsible Tube Sealer


Collapsible Tube Sealing

- 110 Volt electrical connection.
- Does not require pneumatic connection.
- Digital parts counter.
- Capacity for tubes from Ø19mm to Ø50mm.
- Estimated production 300 tubes / hour.
- Dimensions machine: Front = 70cm / Depth = 45cm / Height = 80cm.
- Weight Approx. 80 Kilograms.

Parts and Components

- Electrostatic coated structural steel chassis, stainless steel front and covers.
- The equipment does not require an air line connection.
- It is easy to transport, install and operate.
- Variable height graduation.
- Independent “DUAL-Digital” temperature control.
- Suitable for sealing pre-filled tubes.

Guaranteed Fluted Sealing

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